1. Manufacturing

    Heavystone Lab manufactures value-added products based on heat treating conventional cemented tungsten carbide materials including straight WC-Co, WC-Co with grain growth inhibitor additives, and those with cubic carbide additives. Any current tungsten carbide tools can be reprocessed to add a Heavystone Surface™ ( i.e. a surface layer with a gradient of cobalt content) to achieve significantly improved performance* and wear resistance without sacrificing impact resistance.

    Functionally graded WC-Co products include rock drilling inserts and cutters, construction tools, WC-Co rods, metal cutting inserts, and engineered wear parts such as mechanical seals, bearings, nozzles and so forth.

    * The measure and definition of performance of manufacturing tools vary. In several different industrial testing tungsten carbide tools with Heavystone Surface™ achieved from 40% to over 100% performance gain.
  2. Licensing

    Heavystone Lab also licenses specific technologies in its technology portfolio for specific products, fields of use, and territories.

    Heavystone Lab conducts contract research and development for both government and private institutions and industrial companies. Contract R&D projects are usually conducted under proprietary agreements.
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